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I am Under Cover!

Updated: May 8, 2021

Sometimes the most profound lessons come in the simplest of ways. I was reminded of this a few days ago as I was minding my own business going about my morning routine as I got ready for work. As with most mornings, I was on the phone with my sisters. Our morning catch-up conversations often happen as two of us drive to work and one drives home from work. For some reason the conversation on this particular morning was animated and intense, hence I was not attentive to all the stuff I needed to have with me as I left the house and loaded my stuff into my car.

It was not until I was about to pull into the parking lot at the university where I work that I touched my head and noticed that something very important was missing. Yap! I forgot to put on my wig! I was all dolled up, makeup on, jewelry on and ready for the day, san the wig. I realized that I was so distracted with the conversation as I left the house that I forgot that this was a wig day. Don’t judge me, folks! You don’t know my story. Lol!

Anyway, I looked around the car for a headscarf to go for an ethnic look… but nope; I had nothing to wrap around my head. As my sisters laughed themselves to tears, I humbly made a U-turn and drove back home. I got home, sheepishly put my wig on and got back on the road.

As I drove to work (again), I asked God to reveal to me the lesson I needed to learn. See, for me, most of my dramatic experiences tend to have an underlying purpose. God knows that sometimes my spiritual perception is slow and only one of these moments can wake me up. God spoke to me. He pointed out my determination to not face the day with my cornrows to the point that I drove back home for my wig. Yap. God pointed out that as long as I had my wig, nobody would know what was going on underneath. I knew that. The wig was my physical covering. Of course. He then reminded me that He is my Covering that I should never ever forget at home! Whoaaa! I slowed down.

See, some of us are living life all dolled up, with makeup on, but with no covering. We say we are believers, but we are not specific about who or what we believe in. We say we do not like organized religion (or disorganized religion), but in reality, we really don't want anyone covering us. We boast about progressiveness bit in reality this is because we don’t like the thumb of God on us. We would rather remain unhinged. Friends, unless God is our covering, the fancy outward appearance is flimsy and useless. Without God as our covering, we are naked and exposed to every attack of the enemy. However, for as long we are surrendered to God, He will cover our vulnerability and shield us from the enemy. The only requirement is that we have to submit to His authority and His word.

What I love about God being my covering is that I am never the underdog, even though I may be perceived to be one. I may look inexperienced and overmatched by Goliath, but I have a covering that is a Man of war. I dare not leave the camp and walk into the battlefield without my Covering.

Sadly, sometimes in our effort to be independent, we shrug off the protection of The Father and get a beating from the enemy when he finds us unguarded. Just like I did on that morning, you may be juggling too many things, get distracted, and forgot your covering! Before you go too far, pause and check that your covering is over you! The covering of His glory. The covering of His anointing. The covering of His presence. Can you discern Him? Make a U-turn if you need to and wiggle your way back to the safety of the covering of Jehovah Nissi - my Banner (Exodus 17:15). Have a covered day, folks!



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