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Kingdom Membership: Read the Fine print and Unlock Favor!

There is this song we used to sing back in the day (I still sing it) that goes “The favor of the Lord is upon me, and the devil knows I am a winner!” I thought of that song a few weeks ago as I was flying from a conference in the pacific northwest of the US back to the east coast. As I scanned my boarding pass to board the flight the gate agent stopped me and informed me that my seat had been changed and gave me another boarding pass with a new seat assignment. When I got into the plane I noticed that I had been assigned a seat which is considered gold medallion level or something fancy like that. This was a 5-hour flight and I was really exhausted from the conference as well as the coast to coast time change. I was grateful for the extra legroom, pillow, blanket, and lots of other perks. This was simply God looking out for His child. I relaxed and enjoyed the benefits of being a child of the Most High God.

When we become children of God, He attends to our needs and shifts things on our behalf. He opens doors in places we probably did not even consider. Favor means that we become recipients of something we did not deserve and certainly did not earn. Although I have membership with that airline, and earn miles with them, I am not (yet) at the gold medallion level. Favor also means that we receive something that everybody else does not receive. When I got bumped to the gold medallion seat I noticed that not all passengers got the same upgrade. I was grateful, and sheepishly took my seat as I was offered things I did not expect on the flight.

There are lots of blessings that God has in store for us when we become sons and daughters in the kingdom. A portal of blessings is open to us as we shift from being outsiders and strangers to becoming friends of God. We gain access to the benefits of the kingdom and can approach God boldly because of the relationship we have with Him. However, we will not know the depths of the benefits we have as children of God until we study the word of God. Some of the benefits we have with any company in which we have membership is usually contained in the fine print. If we do not read the fine print, we will not know the perks that have been afforded to us as members. I later realized (after reading the fine print) that even though I was not a gold medallion member my membership with the airline aligned me for consideration and had afforded me the upgrade! Beloved, if we are ignorant of the promises of God and our rights as children of God, the enemy will deceive us and convince us that we are unworthy to sit at the table with the Father. We will settle for mediocrity and live on the periphery of our blessings when the Father wants to bestow favor on us and usher us into a life of excellence. Some of us have kingdom membership but settle for eating crumbs!

What is in your (life) wallet? Do you have proof of membership in the kingdom of God? Have you been diligent enough to read the fine print of the Bible to know the promises of God to His children? If you are not (yet) a child of God, you need to get your membership by receiving salvation through Jesus Christ. If your membership has lapsed because you strayed away from the faith, God is ready and willing to guide you in renewing your membership. He wants to extend favor to you and give you access to membership rewards.



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