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Rain, rain, grow my faith!

One of the things I have enjoyed since moving back to the northeast US is the distinct changing of seasons. This past winter season extended for so long and only gave way briefly to spring, before summer eagerly announced itself with endless rain. These past weeks my backyard has been thoroughly soaked such that the grass (and weeds) seem to literally grow overnight! A few days ago, as I rolled the trash bin out through the side gate I noticed that the lid to my smaller trash bin had been blown by the wind and had landed on the flower bed. As I picked it up I was amazed at how many critters crawled out from under it! The rain had watered the ground and created an environment for life. Not only were the flowers growing, but all sorts of “creepy crawlies” were thriving in the moist conditions.

As I reflected on this I thought about the seasons of our lives. It may have been pouring endlessly in your life and you may feel like you are soaked and drenched beyond what you can take. No doubt, this is not a comfortable place to be as you are plummeted by the issues of life. You may be feeling like a difficult season has closed in on you like a blanket and all you see around you is darkness. I would like to encourage you that there is purpose beyond the downpour. Perspective is everything! God has divine purpose wrapped up in the rain that is pounding you. If you shift your perspective to a positive outlook you will realize that there is something that God wants to grow in you in that downpour.

In as much as rain annoyingly slows us down, it is a wonderful opportunity for growth to happen in our lives. Instead of thrashing and getting all worked up in the rain of adversity, I would like to challenge you to slow down and ask God to show you the purpose that is concealed in it.

I find that when I slow down and calm myself in the rain, it becomes easier to recognize the areas in my life that need some growth. The rainy conditions of life are perfect for growth. From the outside it may seem like you are drowning in challenging times. However, when the blanket of adversity is lifted you will be surprised to see evidence of life! Instead of crying out for the rain to go away, ask God to help you to grow your faith in the rain.

Slow down. Embrace the rain. There is purpose in the downpour!

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1 Comment

Jun 11, 2018

...Wherever the "river" flows... that's where life is! In this case rain... ~~ #MarandaCurtis


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